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Hinth Armband Chain Snake Gold Silver Brown

€ 25,00 € 18,75 (inclusief btw 21%)
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Armband Chain Snake Gold Silver Brown


Donkerbruine armband met goudkleurige knoopsluiting, kettinkjes kraaltjes en goudkleurige schakels.

Breedte circa 1 cm



HINTH (Handmade IN THailand) is a handcrafted modern and affordable jewellery brand, inspired by years of traveling through Asia. HINTH originated through contact with the local people, the artisans who create beautiful, fine and feminine jewellery. These people are the experts that make their money creating and selling their products.

HINTH supports these local women by giving a more steady income. HINTH sells jewellery such as earrings, bracelets, rings and necklaces that are all made in Thailand. It is a joyful brand that specifically curates aesthetic products that reflect a creative and honest lifestyle and products that are carefully handmade bead by bead.

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