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Chabo Bags


My name is Vera Dekens and I’d like to tell you about Chabo Bags and how my brand originated….

In 2010, I began with the very first line of Chabo Bags: beautiful and bold handbags. It was my drive that allowed me to capitalize on my passion and creativity.

After wandering around Asia, I finally found the perfect manufacturers. Honorable companies that provided beautiful handicraft keeping with environmentally sound production techniques for a stunning end product. Even the natural dyeing process gives a natural radiance, which enhances with use! My creativity and their craftsmanship fused!

To come up with a name for my bags was a challenge until a friend of mine had a son whom he named Chabo. I asked what the name meant and he told me that it was “friend” in a sort of gypsy language. The name Chabo Bags was born! After all, you want to take your friend with you wherever you go!

When the first line came out, there were so many positive reactions. Since then, more and more eager retailers are selling Chabo Bags, already 300 in The Netherlands. Now we are expanding our lines into Germany, Belgium and Spain.

I hope you are as enthusiastic about Chabo Bags as I am. I’ve created every new Chabo Bag you see in the store with love, energy and passion!

Chabo Bags stands for beautiful, bold, leather bags for an honest price! They are distinct fashion bags and solid basics with a fashionable twist. I hope you love your Chabo Bag and take it with you everywhere!


Geen producten (0)
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Chabo Bags Chabo Grande Petit Tiger Taupe Chabo Bags Crossbody Tas Chabo Grande Petit Tiger Taupe…
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Chabo Bags Chabo Grande Petit Blue Chabo Bags Crossbody Tas Chabo Grande Petit Blue Super…
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