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Guanabana Argentina Rococo Pearl & Cut Diamond

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Argentina Rococo Pearl & Cut Diamond


The Rococo collection transforms the original design of its traditional 40 threads Argantinas by adding a flower-shaped, gold-plated silver ornament, embedded with a semi-precious stone and crowned with white beads, giving it shine and elegance. An exclusive creation of Guanábana, designed in Madrid, this bracelet is hand woven by Colombian artisans on an Egyptian handloom following traditional techniques. The opening of the bracelet adjusts to fit your wrist and is adorned with a medallion on which is inscribed our mantra: Be positive! Our advice: combine this bracelet with our other models to create a unique combination that suits your style!



Guanábana is born under the philosophy of creating special pieces, hand made products of a high quiality, innovative and timeless designs, Ready-to-wear fashion accessories. The collection mix together design and different artisan techniques from several places in South America; Guanábana believes in special products with story behind, each piece is made up by the work part of the brand and artisan's workshops, which had been developing al the same time. 

The inspiration of the brand, comes from hand made techniques, the richness in the material and colors, that influence by the European style gives a special touch to the pieces, some of it are done in our workshop in Madrid-Spain.

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