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Guanabana Argentina New Castle Pink Blue

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Argentina New Castle Pink Blue


40 thread bracelet made on a manual loom. Made with colorfast acrylic materials, so you can bathe with them. Adjustable closure with waxed thread to facilitate its closing and opening.

Approximate Measurements:

Width: 0.3 cm

Length of the tape: 12.5 cm

Maximum opening diameter: 26 cm


This bracelet is designed in our central offices in Madrid. Woven on a manual loom by artisans in Colombia, using ancient techniques. Each bracelet is woven with 40 threads and has a clasp to adjust it to the wrist. This bracelet contains a semi precious stone drop. Our advice: You can wear it alone or mix it with several more! The details of our handmade bracelets make them unique pieces. You will be able to recognize if it is a Guanabana Bracelet by its special designs and by a small medal that includes our logo and a "Be Positive" message for you to repeat as a Mantra. 

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